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Stigmatomyces cocksii

Stigmatomyces cocksii W. Rossi & M. Leonardi, in Hyde et al., Fungal Diversity 96: 116 (2019)

Index Fungorum number: IF828161; Facesoffungi number: FoF05176

Thallus grayish yellow: the perithecial venter, the stalk cell and lower cell of the appendage are darker, the basal cell of the receptacle (cell I) and the free appendage are paler, while the suprabasal cell of the receptacle (cell II) is hyaline or almost so. Receptacle very variable in length; basal cell regularly tapering to the foot and rather abruptly constricted at the septum with the suprabasal, which is of nearly uniform diameter although variably elongate. Stalk cell of the appendage stout, broadly heart-shaped, distally prominent. Free appendage reaching the summit of the perithecial venter, with the axis consisting of four cells, the lower of which is about twice longer than broad, the others slightly broader than long and gradually smaller; each axial cell bears two antheridia except the uppermost, which bears a third, terminal antheridium. Perithecial stalk and basal cells relatively small, not strongly unequal in size, distinctly prominent externally. Perithecial venter regularly elliptical in outline, its surface distinctly warty, the wartlike elevations disposed transversely forming darker ridges; the neck abruptly narrower, longer than the venter, almost isodiametric, transversely striate, slightly enlarged at its junction with the tip, which tapers gradually to a subtruncate apex. Total length 175–345 µm; perithecial venter 38–62 × 40–58 µm; perithecial neck, up to155 µm; free appendage 48–57 µm; ascospores 29–31 µm.


Known hosts and distribution: on Notiochyromya sp. nova (Diptera, Chyromyidae) (Australia).


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Stigmatomyces cocksii (Material examined – AUSTRALIA, Queensland, Hermit Park, 44 Marks St., Malaise trap, 23 December 2015, G. Cocks, on Notiochyromya sp. nova (Diptera, Chyromyidae) (CAMB WR4074a, holotype; FI WR4074a)). Scale bar = 50 µm.


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