Hypocreales » Cordycipitaceae


Beauveria Vuill., Bull. Soc. bot. Fr. 59: 40 (1912)

Sordariomycetes, Hypocreomycetidae, Hypocreales, Cordycipitaceae

Index Fungorum number: IF 7346; 40 morphological species (Index Fungorum 2020), 25 species with sequence data.


Type speciesBeauveria bassiana (Bals.-Criv.) Vuill., Bull. Soc. bot. Fr. 59: 40 (1912)

Generic description: see Rehne et al. (2011).

Notes: Beauveria was introduced by Vuillemin (1912) by transferring “Botrytis bassiana” and “Botrytis effusa” from Botrytis to Beauveria (Vuillemin 1912). Species of this genus are found worldwide and are parasitic on insects. The sexual morph of the species are cordyceps-like (Li et al. 2001, Rehner et al. 2011). The genus infects insects and has basally-inflated conidiogenous cells (Li et al. 2001, Rehner et al. 2011). (Adopted from Hyde et al. 2020)


Other species:

Beauveria amorpha (Höhn.) Minnis, S.A. Rehner & Humber

Beauveria asiatica S.A. Rehner & Humber

Beauveria australis S.A. Rehner & Humber

Beauveria baoshanensis Z.H. Chen & L. Xu

Beauveria brongniartii (Sacc.) Petch

Beauveria caledonica Bissett & Widden

Beauveria gryllotalpidicola Luangsa-ard, Tasan., Khons., Thanakitp. & Somrith

Beauveria kipukae S.A. Rehner & Humber

Beauveria malawiensis S.A. Rehner & Aquino de Muro

Beauveria mimosiformis Khons., Thanakitp., Kobmoo & Luangsa-ard

Beauveria pseudobassiana S.A. Rehner & Humber

Beauveria sinensis Ming J. Chen, Z.Z. Li & B. Huang

Beauveria sungii S.A. Rehner & Humber

Beauveria varroae S.A. Rehner & Humber

Beauveria vermiconia de Hoog & V. Rao

Beauveria yunnanensis Z.H. Chen & L. Xu



Hyde KD et al. (2020) Refined families of Sordariomycetes. Mycosphere 11(1), 305–1059.

Rehner SA, Minnis AM, Sung GH, Luangsa-ard JJ, Devotto L, Humber RA 2011 – Phylogeny and systematics of the anamorphic, entomopathogenic genus Beauveria. Mycologia 103(5), 1055–1073.


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