Hypocreales » Clavicipitaceae


Keithomyces Samson, Luangsa-ard & Houbraken, in Mongkolsamrit et al., Stud. Mycol. 95: 186 (2020)

Sordariomycetes, Hypocreomycetidae, Hypocreales, Clavicipitaceae

Index Fungorum number: IF 834877; 3 morphological species (Index fungorum 2021), 3 species with sequence data.


Generic description: see Mongkolsamrit et al. (2020)

Type species: Keithomyces carneus (Duché & R. Heim) Samson, Luangsa-ard & Houbraken 2020

Notes: Keithomyces was introduced by Mongkolsamrit et al. (2020) based on morphological and phylogenetic analyses. Species in this genus are soil-borne or pathogens of insect larvae  (Mongkolsamrit et al. 2020).


Other species:

Keithomyces acicularis (H. Iwasaki et al.) Samson, Luangsa-ard & Houbraken

Keithomyces neogunnii (T.C. Wen & K.D. Hyde) Luangsa-ard, Thanakitpipattana & Samson



Mongkolsamrit S, Khonsanit A, Thanakitpipattana D, Tasanathai K, Noisripoom W, Lamlertthon S et al. 2020 – Revisiting Metarhizium and the description of new species from Thailand. Studies in Mycology 95, 171–251.


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