Hypocreales » Clavicipitaceae


Helicocollum Luangsa-ard, Mongkols., Noisrip. & Thanakitp., Mycol Prog 16(4): 424 (2017)

Sordariomycetes, Hypocreomycetidae, Hypocreales, Clavicipitaceae

Index Fungorum number: IF817483; 3 species with sequence data.

Generic description: see Luangsa-ard et al. (2017a)

Type speciesHelicocollum surathaniense Luangsa-ard, Mongkols., Noisrip. & Thanakitp.

Notes: This genus is closely related to Aschersonia, Moelleriella, Regiocrella, and Samuelsia, all pathogens of scale insects and whiteflies in Clavicipitaceae (Luangsa-ard et al. 2017a). Helicocollum differs from other scale insect pathogens in having phialides with helical necks and synnematous or sporodochial pycnidial conidiomata. The morphological features of its phialides resemble Hirsutella in the Ophiocordycipitaceae (Luangsa-ard et al. 2017a). (Adopted from Hyde et al. 2020)


Other species:

Helicocollum chanthaburiense Luangsa-ard, Mongkols., Noisrip. & Thanakitp

Helicocollum krabiense Luangsa-ard, Mongkols., Noisrip. & Thanakitp



Hyde KD, Norphanphoun C, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Bhat D et al. 2020 – Refined families of Sordariomycetes. Mycosphere 11(1), 305–1059.

Luangsa-ard J, Mongkolsamrit S, Noisripoom W, Thanakitpipattana D et al. 2017a – Helicocollum, a new clavicipitalean genus pathogenic to scale insects (Hemiptera) in Thailand. Mycological progress 16, 419–431.


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