Capnodiales » Cladosporiaceae


Cladosporium Link, Mag. Gesell. naturf. Freunde, Berlin 7: 37 (1816) [1815]

Dothideomycetes, Dothideomycetidae, Capnodiales, Cladosporiaceae

Index Fungorum number: IF 834876; 316 morphological species (Index fungorum 2020), 134 species with sequence data.

Generic description: see Bensch et al. (2012)

Type species: Cladosporium herbarum (Pers.) Link, Mag. Gesell. naturf. Freunde, Berlin 8: 37 (1816) [1815]

Notes: Nannizzi (1934) introduced Cladosporiaceae to accommodate Cladosporium which is one of the largest genera of dematiaceous hyphomycetous. Braun et al. (2003) proposed a new genus Davidiella and confirmed it as the sexual morph of Cladosporium based on molecular data. The new genus was placed in Mycosphaerellaceae (Braun et al. 2003). However, Aptroot (2006) reported that the characters of ascospores in Davidiella are distinct from those of Mycosphaerella. Schoch et al. (2006) performed phylogenetic analysis using four nuclear loci (LSU, SSU, rpb-2 and tef1) and separated Davidiella into a different family from Mycosphaerella (Mycosphaerellaceae). Thus, a new family Davidiellaceae was introduced to accommodate Davidiella with its Cladosporium asexual morphs. However, Cladosporiaceae predates Davidiellaceae in Capnodiales. Cladosporiaceae comprises nine genera. Wijayawardene et al. (2014b) proposed to adopt Cladosporium over Davidiella (Adopted from Hongsanan et al. 2020). Species of Cladosporium are cosmopolitan in distribution and commonly found on plant, fungal and other debris. Cladosporium uredinicola, C. cladosporioides and C. chlorocephalum have been reported to infect whiteflies, aphis and scale insects, respectively (Abdel-Baky et al. 2000, Jeyarani et al. 2011, Bensch et al. 2012).



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